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Driving Lessons in the Banbury Area

Qualified Driving Instructor

I am a  fully qualified, DSA registered driving instructor  operating in the Banbury area and surrounding villages.  I offer hourly lessons or intensive courses to learners at all levels, or refresher courses if needed. I also offer Pass Plus, which can help lower your insurance premiums. I welcome nervous drivers and allow each pupil to learn at their own pace at the same time encouraging them to gain confidence as a driver and set up safe and proper driving skills for life, not just the test.

Starting Driving  Lessons

The DSA state that an average 17 year old will require a minimum of 40hr professional teaching, plus a minimum of 25hrs private help equals a minimum of 65hrs in total. However as you get older to learn to drive the guide is 2hrs for every year of your age plus 25hr private minimum. This figure can vary as everyone learns at their own pace .All lessons provided are bespoke and tailored to the individual pupils needs.

The majority of our lessons are based on a 2hr period. It has been proven that a person will learn quicker and require fewer lessons than learning at the rate of 1hr a week. This will work out financially cheaper taking 2 hr lessons than 1hr. the learning cycle based on 2 hr and progressing at a steady rate should take between 4-6 months. 1hr a week and the average learner will take nearly 12 months to reach test standard.

We also offer an off road facility through Driving Ambition of Brackley for drivers under 17 or nervous beginners.


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if you wish to talk to me about arranging lessons, or just advice on driving call:  07956680424 or 01295 812508

or email me at

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