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Driving Lessons in the Banbury Area



 1 hour                                             from          £29*

* some areas may incur a surcharge for extra distance

 block of 10 lessons                       from          £280


 Pass Plus                                                         POA         the  intensive training course that will help you become a better driver and get a discount on your insurance. So besides improving your driving skills, it could help you save money. 

     There are a number of elements to Pass Plus, all of them areas in which you are less likely to have experience as a newly qualified driver:

  • Town driving: to enable you to cope with more complicated road layouts and rush hour traffic
  • All-weather driving: how to drive in fog or heavy rain
  • Night driving: how to judge speed and distance in the dark, being aware of pedestrians and cyclists
  • Out of town driving ? the countryside can pose its own problems, for while there may be less traffic the roads may be narrower and bumpier, bends less well marked and there may be vehicles, pedestrians and even horses in the middle of the road
  • Motorway and dual-carriageway driving: allowing more space between vehicles, the correct use of different lanes and how to join and leave multi-lane roads safely.

A Pass Plus course takes a minimum of six hours, though you might need further tuition in one or more of the elements ? you need to complete all the elements to your instructor?s satisfaction before you pass. There?s no test at the end of the course, just continual assessment of your improving driving skills. It?s usually recommended that you take your Pass Plus course with the same instructor who taught you to drive as they will already have an idea of your main strengths and weaknesses and can concentrate on the areas that they think need the most attention.




























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